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Proz is one of the online job portals I recommend you use to find clients (the other two are TranslatorsCafe and TranslationDirectory).

What you will learn from this tutorial:
1. How to register with for FREE
2. How to create a basic profile
3. How to find jobs in your language pairs

To make the most of Proz you need to register and create a FREE profile. Although there is a paid membership option this is absolutely unnecessary. Creating a profile will allow you to filter job offers by language pair, see clients’ contact information and apply directly through the site.

I’ve put together a quick tutorial showing you how to register for free, create a simple profile and start looking for job offers for your language pairs.

Top tip: read the tutorial on your smart phone or tablet instead of juggling between browser windows on your laptop. Or just click the button below to download and print the pdf version. 

Registering with Proz

Proz Home plus text

Figure 1: click on “Register”

1. Go to It should look like this:

2. Click on “Register” (see Figure 1) and you will be taken to a form. Fill it out as follows:

Site language: English
Account type: Freelance translator and/or interpreter
Username: choose something professional (not crazyknickers777) but feel free to remain anonymous (I used my initials for a very long time).
Password: choose something you will remember.
Confirm password: retype your password
E-mail address: enter your work e-mail address – it will not be shown on your profile unless you explicitely change the settings
Confirm e-mail: retype your work email
Country: choose your country of residence
Create your free TM-Town account: uncheck – you don’t need this at the moment and can always create an account at a later date
How did you discover choose the option that applies to you
Do you agree? Tick the box
Are you human? Type the letters or numbers you see in the box
Notification preferences: uncheck all boxes to keep your email inbox clean

3. Click on “Create my Account”. You should be taken to this page:

Proz Registration plus text

Figure 2: click on “Free account” and “Continue”

4. Click on “Free Account” and then “Continue” (see Figure 2).

Great, your Proz profile has been created! There is a lot of information you can add to this profile to improve your success rates, but today we’re going to stick to the basics, meaning what you need to start applying for translation projects today.

Creating a basic profile on Proz

1. If you’ve followed the tutorial so far you should be on a page that looks like this:

Proz Profile plus text

Figure 3: edit your identity and languages

2. Under “Identity” check the box next to”I choose not to enter this information” (see Figure 3). Then scroll down to “Save and update profile”. This means Proz will use your username instead of your real name. You can always change this at a later date.

3. Now click on “Language pairs” in the left-hand column (see Figure 3). Now you can set your native language and language pairs. First Choose your Native Language from the menu, then click “Add” (see Figure 4).

Proz Native Language plus text

Figure 4: adding your native language

4. Under “Language Pairs” click on “Add a new pair”, pick your source and target languages, click on the box next to “Translation” and then “Add pair” (see Figure 5).

Proz Language pairs full menu plus text

Figure 5: adding language pairs

5. Scroll down and click on “Save and update profile”.

Now you can start looking for translation jobs!

Finding jobs on Proz

In the menu bar, click on “Jobs and directories” and then “Browse jobs” (see Figure 6). You’ll see that the jobs have already been filtered for your language pair. Add this page to your bookmarks so you can regularly check new jobs in your language pairs.

Proz home jobs menu plus text

Figure 6: accessing the job board

Now that you know how to find translation clients on Proz and TranslatorsCafe, click here for some more tips on finding new clients.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that Proz now charges 1 dollar for each bid if you are a free member. Although I still recommend registering as a free member to access the job database, I no longer recommend you create a full profile as you will have to contact the clients via another (free) route.

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