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I love TranslationDirectory. It’s super simple, easy to use and you can find translation clients for your language pairs without going through the bother of filling out a complex profile like on Proz or TranslatorsCafe.

What you will learn from this tutorial:  How to use TranslationDirectory to quickly find jobs in your language pairs WITHOUT having to register.

Granted, the jobs on TranslationDirectory aren’t always as glamorous or well-paid as on the other two sites but it’s a great place to start. One of my most lucrative clients advertised on TranslationDirectory back in 2011 so this site should definitely not be overlooked.

Even though the site doesn’t require you to have a profile, navigating around it can be a bit daunting, so scroll down for a quick tutorial to get you started.

Top tip: read the tutorial on your smart phone or tablet instead of juggling between browser windows on your laptop. Or just click the button below to download and print the pdf version. 

How to find jobs on TranslationDirectory

1. Go to This is what it should look like:

Find translation clients on TD Figure 1

Figure 1: Click on ” Find Translation Jobs”

2. Click on “Find Translation Jobs” in the main menu on the left. This will open a new window in your browser (see Figure 1).

3. Go to the new window. You will see a list of all possible language combinations on TranslationDirectory in alphabetical order. Scroll down to your language combination (e.g. French to English) and click on it. This will open a new window.

4. Go to the new window and add it to your bookmarks. You will see all available jobs for your chosen language pair in chronological order.

You can repeat these steps for all your other language pairs. Don’t forget to add each language pair to your bookmarks so you can check them easily.

Now that you know how to find translation clients on TranslationDirectory, click here for some more tips on finding new clients.

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